Welcome to Riot Act

If you have made it this far, you already know the propaganda:
Adults, fair play, war-focused, laid back, etc., etc.

Now onto the rules.

The Rules

General Clan Rules
Be respectful of everyone.
Donate as often as you can.
Request often.
Don't be dramatic.
Don't call the retiring leader of the clan a bitch.

War Rules (the really important rules)
We use ClashCaller for wars.
The ClashCaller code will be sent in a Clan Mail before each war. Check your inboxes regularly!
It is required of all members to call their war targets before each attack and to fill in their attack results after each attack.
Even clean-up attacks need to be called so no one else wastes a second attack.
Please do not call two bases at once.

Mirrors are not a thing.
It is not required that you attack your mirror in war. Ever.
Mirrors are not reserved for anyone. Unless you explicitly call it on ClashCaller.
We urge everyone to look at all bases in their range and choose their attacks according to their strengths.
Rarely will leadership dictate who attacks what bases unless we are in a close war.
Mirrors are not a thing.

We urge the clan as a whole to adopt a "bottom-up" attack strategy in wars.
The lowest third of our bases should have both their attacks done within the first 8 hours of war.
The middle third should have both their attacks done within the first 16 hours of war.
The top third should hold second attacks until after the first 16 hours of war.
Though usually we move much faster than this timetable, bottom line is TH8s attack fast!

The Things That Aren't Rules

There is an out-of-game chat app called GroupMe used by Riot Act that is entirely optional for members, somewhat optional for elders, and strongly suggested to be used by Co-Leaders.
The only downside to joining the Riot Act group(s) is that the email address (or phone number) you used to create your GroupMe account is required to find you and invite you in.
This information is not available within the app to other members.
If you wish to join the chat groups without revealing your information in the clan chat, the information can be sent to ClanRiotAct at gmail dot com.

Get GroupMe Here -> Google Play iTunes

Past Leaders

Swirl, Jr. (Founder)
Help on the Way


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